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Video Post Sun, May. 20, 2012 1,686 notes

I have recently been told to go kill myself. 
Even though I am strong and I would not let it bother me… some people would. I sat down in my room thinking about it and honestly I wanted to leave just to make that person guilty of telling me to “go kill myself” I asked her if she would regret it if those were the last words I ever read and she said, “No :)” ^^^ it’s up there in one of the pictures. I have never felt more alone then I did that day :( and no one was brave enough to do the right thing and stick up for me. Considering the fact that my best friend passed away, it was already a sensitive subject and she had to go there. The sad part is I would never forget that and I would never get over it. Sometimes before I go to bed I think about it, I will Never understand why Anyone could hurt someone like that. No matter what anyone is going through no one has the right to say that, what if they were depressed? what if something happened and when you said that they couldn’t handle it anymore? what if they don’t have anyone? what if they committed to it?       

I don’t care that someone was mean enough to say that to me, but the fact that other people are throwing those words around just because they don’t like a person if fucking ridiculous. Sometimes I have to get off tumblr because there is so much anon hate to other people and I can’t handle it. Thats the exact reason why I don’t let people ask me questions on anon. 

These are only SOME of the pictures I have seen within two days on tumblr from the blogs I follow and from myself. I wish all you lowlifes who send anon hate realize how wrong it is… and the second picture at the bottom is from another person who is trying to stop anon hate.


Please Reblog this and spread the word. STOP ANON HATE. please…. I would never want anyone to kill themselves :’( try to save them. 

I am not doing this for attention or to gain followers. for all i care you guys could delete all of this ^^^^ just reblog the picture and try to spread the word. i don’t want anyone to feel as bad as i did that night. Thank you <3 love you guys. 

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